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Specializing in Architectural Photography – Chicago and Miami. Many of my Clients are from all over the world including Gensler Architects, L’Oréal Group USA . Gartner Germany, Arper SPA, Italy.

I have over 30 years experience as a commercial photographer. I work for architects , interior designers and commercial brokers selling big buildings. When photographing a project I focus on the most intriguing perspective of the structure that lets the design speak for itself.

What separates me from other professionals is how I incorporate lighting and perspective into my images. I bring many cases of lighting to all interior shoots. I shoot with strobe lights many times brighter than sunlight to allow greater control providing greater interest to an image. After getting a BA in psychology from Washington University in St Louis. I started my career as a commercial photographer right after college. I consider myself self taught.

In the early years every project was shot on 4×5 inch film or on Hasselblads, now its on state of the art digital equipment. After years of shooting advertising and people I discovered much of my time was spent working for the largest manufacturer of toilet valves in the world. I have a lot of experience shooting technically difficult commercial work. At one point they sent me to O’Hare airpot to photograph a toilet in situ and I said to myself I gotta do something else “Please no more toilet valves”.

In 2000 I focused on exclusively shooting architectural photography. Now I am having much more fun shooting architecture in Miami and million dollar homes in Guatemala. Much of my work has been in Miami since it has seen nothing but growth for the last 20 years. Chicago is home but I travel everywhere.

I am committed to reducing my environmental foot print. I own an electric car and have solar panels supplying electricity to my studio.

I do digital capture , and I include professional retouching. I offer flexible copyright usage. My rates are straightforward and competitive. I work very quickly and am fun to work with.

Feel free to just call me at 773 588 8983