Miami Architectural and Interiors Photographer


Michael Lipman has been photographing architecture and interiors for over 30 years. Although based in Chicago, one week each month he shoots on location in Miami and South Florida.

Interiors photography is a large part of his job in Miami and South Florida.  Interior design requires very natural looking lighting to capture the mood of the room.  Each room is lit by strobe to positively reflect what the interior designer was intending.michael lipman photos miami

Architectural photography or the imaging of exteriors requires him to capture big buildings at the most interesting time of day.  That means a lot of dusk or night shots.
It is not a simple process to set a mood using existing light .It is not a matter of just pointing a camera and taking a photo. There must be planning as to where shadows will be at a specific time of day.
There must be a balance between the environment and the structure.

An image should be perspective correct. To do this from the ground he requires a sturdy tripod. Often he sits and waits for hours for just the right moment to take a photo.
Often he will utilize a helicopter to get the right height to show where the building is placed in the environment. In addition to helicopter shots he owns a drone.


Call me at (305) 742-8532
I am available for assignments not just in the Miami -South Florida area but throughout the world.