Architectural Photography Of Big Buildings

Michael Lipman Architectural Photographer

Michael Lipman Photography specializes in architectural photography for architects, real estate developers, and magazines. He offers the expertise needed to create bright images that truly stand out . These are the images make your project look better than it is. They will engage viewers, initiate inquiries and lead to increased interest in your projects.

The first thing he does is ask the architect/ designer what is important about their project . What is it that they want to emphasize?  What needs to be included and what in the environment around the project is relevant?  Who is the audience or target market?  Where is it going to be viewed, in a magazine , a website or client presentation?

Before the shoot, a walkthrough is done with the designer to frame up each shot. By including the designers thoughts we work together to create an iconic image.

Architectural photography in Chicago and Miami is frequently of skyscrapers  (big buildings) who’s world class designs are renown around the world.

Michael Lipman is an architectural photographer that uses the latest most up to date digital equipment.

We are based in the following cites: