Architectural and Interiors Photographer Chicago

Architectural Photography

Chicago photographer Michael Lipman specializes in architectural and Interiors photography.
We offer over 20 years experience in commercial photography.
Architectural photography is really done mostly for architects and commercial brokers selling or renting large buildings.
I work for architects, and commercial brokers selling big buildings.

I will shoot exteriors by standing on a roof top of a nearby building or placing the tripod on the ground and correcting the distortion of the lens.
Recently I have been using a remote control helicopter known as a drone instead of renting an actual helicopter for perspective, image, photo shots that cannot be shot at ground level.

One week each month we shoot in the Miami area in South Florida.

Interiors photography

I do interiors for magazines on a high resolution Nikon camera.

Interiors photography or what is known as interiors is mostly images of homes and condos and are done mostly for magazines and interior designers.

I also do residential photography which consists of shooting interiors using very powerful strobe lights to create a mood.

It is my mission to draw out the complete wide range of creative expression from cutting edge technology. I do not use contemporary developments as a faster way as quite a few seem to do. It’s my wish to team up with my clientele and also to under no circumstances overlook their objectives. My accomplishment is determined by a clients success and I bear this in mind each and every time I produce a photograph.

Contact me at (773) 588-8983 to discuss your next project.